Antihistamines and NSAIDs and nutraceuticals, oh my! Have a question about equine drugs or medications at Equestrian Canada (EC) sanctioned competitions? EC’s Equine Medication Control Committee is here to answer your questions on the EC Equine Medication Control program.

Can I cool out my horse before the Medication Control Test?

Horse welfare is of the utmost importance to EC. Technicians understand the importance of routines such as cooling down, but also want to make medication control a smooth experience for all competitors.

Some horses can urinate very quickly after competition and Technicians need to be ready at the testing location for this moment. Time permitting, Technicians may enable the handler to ensure the horse is attended to with minimal disruption to the testing process.

How can you help?

  • Remember the collection time starts when the horse is in the testing location and free from distractions. Taking longer to cool out does not run out the clock!
  • Cooperate with the Testing Technician (Article 1010.1.d).
  • Respectfully ask questions. The Technician is here to help!
  • Let the Technician know what your horse may need, and work together to provide it.

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