EC operational committees provide strategic guidance and counsel to EC management to develop specified areas of interest as they relate to EC’s vision, mission and core values. The operational committees work in close collaboration with each other and EC management to deliver their mandates.

EC welcomes the individuals who have volunteered their time and expertise and were selected to join an operational committee in 2021:

Operational Committee  Name 
Awards & Recognition   Alison Martin BC
Julie Brewster  AB
Breed Sport  Lisa Ross  ON
Donna Carpenter  AB
Dressage    Kimberly Cox AB
Anne Welch  ON
Wendy Christoff  BC
Equine Health & Welfare   Tracey Dopko AB
Taylor Jefferey  BC
Calandra Van Masshoven  ON
Equine Industry Development   Danielle Glanc ON
Equine Medication Control   Candice Crosby AB
Glenn Sinclair  MB
Melissa McKee  ON
Eventing    Patricia Elias QC
Patricia Frewen Lord  ON
Danielle Semel  NS
Jumping   Jennifer Ward ON
Kim Morrison  AB
National Rules   Jill Barton ON
Larry T. Brinker  BC
Mark Nelson  ON
Mary H. Bell  AB
National Stewards   Mary H. Bell AB
Tracy Dopko  AB
Para-Dressage   Jody Schloss ON
Joanne Bouwhuis  ON
Sue Foell  ON

EC also extends its sincerest thanks to the outgoing committee members for 2020-2021 who dedicated countless hours to improving the state of equestrian sport in Canada:

Operational Committee    Name
Years Served
Awards & Recognition   Mike Boyd ON  6
Carla Robin  BC  5
Breed Sport Jill Barton  ON  9
Dawn Brown  ON 
Dressage   Sheila Skene BC  5*
Equine Health & Welfare   Doug Orr AB  6
Wayne Burwash  AB  3
Melanie Barham  ON  6
Equine Industry Development   Lis Saunders BC  6
Equine Medication Control   Grant Field ON  6
Joann Hawkins  BC  6
Eventing   Julie Johansson BC  6*
Rob Stevenson   NB 5*
Ruth Allum  ON  6*
Jumping   Craig Collins ON  5*
National Coaching Operations   Nicole Beaulieu NB  3
Sheila Currie  NS  3
Andréanne Carrière QC  3
Laurel Golemba  SK  3
Linda Hazelwood  MB  3
Heather Maclean-Smith  PEI  3
Betty-Ann McPhredran  NL  3
Wendy Sewell  BC  3
Inge Sumanik  YK  3
Charlayne Szafranski  ON  3
National Coaching Technical    Ruth Allum ON 3
Laura Balisky  BC  3
Stella French  BC  3
Lorraine Hill  AB  3
John McAssey  PEI  3
Clive Milkins   GBR 3
Armand Valkenborg  QC  3
Kim Woolley  ON  3
Danielle Yaghdjian  ON  3
National Rules   Fran McAvity BC  6*
Elisa Marocchi  BC  5
Doug Orr  AB  5
Para-Dressage Kendra Flynn-Stronach QC  4*

*Since the 2016 governance change.

Full committee listings, including chairperson and contact information, can be found on the relevant pages of the EC website: Awards; Breed Sports; Dressage; Driving; Endurance; Equine Health and Welfare; Equine Industry Development; Eventing; Jumping; National Rules; National Stewards; Para-Dressage; and Vaulting

Please note that the National Coaching Operations Committee (NCOC) and the National Coaching Technical Committee (NCTC) are transitioning to a new structure currently in development. An advisory board will be populated in late 2021 that will advise EC on standards for coaching equestrian sports in Canada and allow for greater community representation.

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