Ontario Para-Dressage Classification Hub

When: May 19th – May 20th
Where: Ottawa Dressage FestivalWesley Clover Parks (WCP)
Cost: $150
Registration Deadline: May 05th

Para-Dressage classification is available to athletes who are actively competing at the EC Bronze level and are ready to progress to Silver and Gold. Athletes must have a recognized medical condition resulting in an impairment that can be measured objectively.

Please note, not all athletes who have an impairment are eligible for classification. For example, a symptom such as lax ligaments, general pain, or an impairment that changes from day-to-day is not classifiable. In addition, riders must have more than a 15% loss of power, range or coordination in any limb or the trunk to be eligible for classification.

Athletes are responsible for their own travel costs and must bring one person with them into the classification session. It is strongly recommended that they bring their coach if they are available, so any compensating aids can be discussed with the classifier.

Those interested in participating in the Classification Hub are encouraged to complete the classification procedures. The application must be completed by the athlete, as well as their coach and medical doctor, and returned to EC no later than May 5, 2023. The Classification Advisory Group will review the documentation and the athlete will be notified if they are eligible for classification.

For questions regarding para-dressage classification, please contact:

Jamie-Ann Goodfellow
Program Coordinator, Para-Dressage
343 308 5323

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