According to Smithsonian Magazine: “Native horses once lived in North America, but they died out over 10,000 years ago.” This is the history book narrative, and it is wrong. There was a native breed of horse roaming North America when the Spanish arrived. A shorter, furrier and timid creature well adapted to its environment, and one that had appeared in legends since the dawn of human stories.

In honour of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30, we share a story of the Ojibway Spirit Horse, also called the Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony.

The story entitled Ojibway Spirit Horses Galloping into view: Everything you need to know about the eight unique spirit horses at Ottawa’s Mādahòkì Farm can be read in full on Canadian Geographic

To read even more about how Ojibwe Spirit Horses have played a role in reconciliation and healing, read Little Horses of the Big Woods published by Horse Journals (in English only).  

Horse of the Month: North America’s Indigenous Breed – the Ojibway Spirit Horse

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