Please note that as of Jan. 1, 2019, Equestrian Canada (EC) Para-Dressage Classification Cards will be replaced with national classification master lists in an effort to correspond with processes used by the FEI. Para-Dressage Classification Cards will no longer be valid.

Athletes with a physical or visual impairment who use compensating aids and compete at EC sanctioned competitions must be listed on a national classification master list that identifies which compensating aids are permitted in competition. These lists include the EC Classification Master List and the EC Para-Dressage Medical Master List.

The EC Classification Master List will include athlete name, profile grade, compensating aids, and classification status and review date if required. The EC Para-Dressage Medical Master List will be used for Bronze level competitions only, and will include athlete name, compensating aids and expiration date. EC will be responsible for maintaining the two lists to include up-to-date and strictly relevant details. The lists will be updated monthly or as required.

Both lists will be available on the EC website at for access by athletes, competition organizers, and officials.

Additionally, classified para-dressage athletes holding a current EC Sport Licence will be able to print a copy of their classification profile through MyEC. The following is an example of a printable classification profile:

Notice: Equestrian Canada Para-Dressage Classification Cards Replaced by National Classification Master Lists for 2019

For additional information and to review all para-dressage rule changes for 2019, please reference Section E: Chapter 6 of the EC Rules at

Questions, Comments?

For questions or comments regarding classification, please contact:

Jamie-Ann Goodfellow
Coordinator, Para-Dressage
1-866-282-8395 x 146

For questions or comments regarding the EC Rules, please contact:

Lindsey Blakely
Coordinator, Technical Programs – Officials and Rules
1-866-282-8395 x 111