NOTE: The Am I Ready Program is intended as a training tool. Movement marks and comments will be given; however, collective marks and a final total score will not be provided. Participants should follow coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols and regulations from the applicable local, provincial and federal government bodies and public health authorities when riding and filming their video(s).

Am I Ready is a user-friendly, convenient educational and training opportunity for EC riders from coast-to-coast – or anywhere in the world! The program features an online portal that allows riders to upload their videos of EC dressage test(s) for review and comments by an EC certified Dressage Judge. EC dressage tests of all levels can be uploaded, from the Introductory level up to and including FEI. The purpose of this program is to assist riders with training and dressage test presentation.

A digital video recorder (or even simply a smartphone or tablet) and internet access is all that is needed to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Real-World Feedback: Riders can review test feedback on the movements from EC certified Dressage Judges and identify areas to work upon.
  • Planning for Dressage Shows: Upon the restart of EC sanctioned competition, those looking to enter dressage competitions for the first time or advance to a higher level can get a leg-up on preparation by implementing judge’s feedback on the movements at home before entering the dressage show ring.
  • Educational Opportunities: For dressage riders that may not have competitions available in their area, they can receive comments from EC certified Dressage Judges without leaving their stable.

Formal show attire is not required, although neat and tidy presentation is encouraged, and tests may be adapted to fit into the size of ring that is available. All the judge’s feedback is given alongside the video making it easy to review and identify areas for improvement. Riders are welcome to submit videos for the same test more than once.

To get started, download the Am I Ready User Guide today:

    Am I Ready– User Guide

    For more information, visit Questions regarding the Am I Ready Program can be directed to:

    Celine Hutchison Majerus
    Dressage Coordinator
    1-866-282-8395 x 142

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