It has been a fun and challenging experience with many changes over the years. I have created multiple web applications to help our stakeholders and staff improve efficiency in processing licences, horse recordings and competition results, to just mention a few.

The web applications and services that I manage are divided into different categories:

Category Number of Web Applications
Number of Web Services
Competitions 10 2 (internal) Events and Results Calendar
High Performance 15 1 (external) FEI Registration Portal
Sport Licences 1 5 (1 internal, 4 external) MyEC
Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations 3 1 (internal) PTSO Support Site 
Disciplines, Programs and Awards 12 N/A Para-Dressage Video Competition Series Portal
Communications 3 N/A National Drawing Contest
EC Staff 12 N/A EC Database 

The web application that you might be most familiar with is MyEC, a web portal through which users can manage their EC profile and products, view their competition results and more. Stakeholders have been using MyEC since 2016. It was rebuilt in 2017 and has been improved since then by adding new features like:

  • EC and FEI results and registration for athletes and horses
  • Athlete and horse FEI registration renewal
  • National passport, FEI passport and recognition card registration
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Management of user notifications
  • Access to the new ECampus
  • Switching sessions between corporate and representative accounts
  • Toggling the language interface

I have also worked very closely with the competition software developers and information technology companies that support our Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization (PTSO) partners. We use PTSO APIs to validate PTSO memberships during the Sport Licence renewal process.

In my time at EC, we have updated the website three times and updated our servers in 2010 and 2013. When the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic started, I was part of the team to complete the transition to a cloud computing platform that centralizes our data, applications and desktops, making our information securely accessible from anywhere in the world.

During this time, I have also created a new online platform for the main EC database that helps staff manage horses, users, competitions and clinics records with several reporting options.

My goal is to keep creating and improving web applications to help staff and stakeholders achieve their objectives in an efficient way while having an excellent online experience when using our services.


Pavel Robinson
Programmer Analyst