We know the PTSOs operate at the provincial/territorial level, but how exactly do they work with the national level to provide equestrian programs and services across the country? Keep reading to learn more!

How is it set up?

EC is classified as a National Sport Organization (NSO) by Sport Canada, which means it’s the governing body for equestrian sport in Canada. Partnered with EC is one representative organization from each Canadian province/territory, except the Northwest Territories and Nunavut at present, that is responsible for equestrian sport at the provincial/territorial level.

As defined by Section A: General Regulations of the EC Rules, a Participating PTSO has a current Affiliation Agreement with EC to provide various services and products and represents the aims and objectives of the national federation in its region.

PTSOs are often invited to directly participate in policy development, sport administration and delivering national services. To that end, EC and the PTSOs are in constant contact through many channels and regular meetings. Additionally, PTSO representatives are EC Category B Voting Members, a role through which they provide valuable input on issues of common interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the deal with insurance?
PTSO memberships include automatic insurance through a third-party provider that includes general liability coverage. 

EC does not have access to information stored in PTSO profiles. Therefore, please contact your PTSO directly for any questions about the insurance policy included in your membership.

Who do I call if I’m interested in the Learn to Ride/Drive or NCCP Coaching Certification programs?
Your PTSO. While EC is responsible for the development of these programs at the national level, PTSOs are responsible for administering them to participants in their jurisdiction.

Contact your PTSO to participate in the Learn to Ride/Drive program or NCCP Coaching Certification program for the following certifications: Instructor; Competition Coach; or Competition Coach Specialist. Please note that the High Performance 1 certification is administered directly by EC.

What do I need to show/compete?
PTSO membership is required to access a number of EC programs and services, chiefly the EC Sport Licence, which is a requirement for showing in EC sanctioned competitions.

Before purchasing an EC Sport Licence (permanent or temporary), you must have a valid PTSO membership.

If you want to participate in provincially sanctioned competitions that are not EC sanctioned, only a PTSO membership is required.

To view the full list of PTSOs and find your provincial/territorial representative, visit www.equestrian.ca/about/governance/provincial-territorial-partners

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