Rules may not be as exciting to read as a Stephen King thriller (although the thought of having to spend time reading them may scare you more than Pet Sematary), but having a thorough knowledge of the Rules is necessary in order to be a responsible participant at EC sanctioned competitions.

The EC Rules exist to set standards in matters of safety, horse welfare, ethics, conduct, and fair play, thereby creating a safe and positive environment for all participants. But, how well do you know them?

As stated in the EC Rules, Knowledge of the rules of any sport is required of each participant, and the competitor at an EC sanctioned competition must accept this responsibility. Both a complete knowledge of and compliance with the rules are essential, and all participants must be fully cognizant of all rules as well as particular class specifications in the discipline/breed sport in which they compete.

So, grab a cup of tea, curl up in your favourite reading spot, and get ready to brush up on the EC Rules!

About the EC Rules

The EC Rules are available to all, free of charge, in PDF format at Hard copies can also be purchased from the EC e-Store.

There are 10 Rule Books in all, and it is recommended that you become familiar with the Section A: General Regulations, as well as the section related to your discipline(s) of choice:

The links above lead to the clean version of the 2019 rules, but the Rules page also provides a Changes Visible version, as well as Amendment Summary documents for quick and easy access to all recent rule amendments. 

About the EC Rules Process

It is the right of every EC Sport Licence Holder to suggest amendments to the rules, subject to the current policies, procedures and schedules. The annual deadlines for the rule change process are as follows:

Do You Know the EC Rules?Questions?

For more information on the Rule Change process, visit

Questions and comments regarding the EC Rules can be directed to:

Lindsey Blakely
Coordinator, Technical Programs – Officials and Rules 

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