In summer 2023, Equestrian Canada (EC) and the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) jointly issued a release outlining their collaborative efforts to extend the eligibility requirements for Canadian participation in competitions in the US.

Subsequent to the announcement, leaders from the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and Equestrian Canada (EC) initiated regular discussions aimed at exploring options within their reciprocal agreement. These discussions sought to clarify the shared requirements for both Canadian and U.S. participants and to establish a comprehensive timeline for the full implementation of the new criteria.

Benefits and Discounts: Breaking Down the USEF Reciprocal Agreement

The new USEF/EC reciprocal agreement was in effect as of September 15, however, as a result of constructive meetings between the two federations, the deadline for EC sport license holders to adhere to the updated eligibility requirements was extended to December 1, 2023. Now in effect for the 2024 season, this is what the new agreement means for you.


  • An athlete holding dual memberships (both USEF and EC) must complete the Safe Sport education requirements for both National Federations. USEF is an annual training; EC is a triennial (every three years) training.
  • USEF competing members and EC Sport Licence holders must be in good standing within their national federation to receive a dual membership. Note that EC Sport Licence holders must have a minimum licence dependent on the discipline or breeds.
  • EC rules for amateur status govern EC classes, and USEF rules for amateur status govern USEF classes.

Equine Athlete

  • Beginning December 1, 2025, all horses competing in USEF-licensed competitions in the United States must have a USEF Horse ID and be microchipped in accordance with USEF rules.
  • Annually registered horses are not required to annually register their horses in the other country for participation in a competition.
  • USEF will recognize a valid EC measurement card for all divisions, and EC will recognize a valid USEF measurement card for all divisions.

Competition Organizers

  • A competition is only eligible if it is first licensed/sanctioned by the home National Federation.
  • It will be governed by the rules and regulations of the National Federation of the country in which the competition operates.
  • There must be a Steward or Technical Delegate from the relevant National Federation who will file the applicable reports with both National Federations.


  • There will be no reciprocal licensing of officials between USEF and EC.
  • An official desiring an EC or USEF license will be subject to the rules of the National Federation issuing the licence.
  • Competition organizers may apply for a Guest Card provided by the appropriate National Federation for eligible EC and USEF licensed officials.

For more information about this update and what it may mean for you, please refer to the USEF’s FAQ page.

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