“Welcoming TIP to our team is an exciting leap forward for EC’s ability to create a safe and welcoming environment for anyone, anywhere to be involved with equestrian sport,” said EC CEO, Meg Krueger. “As a national federation, we are committed to the principles of REDI and Safe Sport. We are eagerly looking forward to the positive, long-lasting change that the TIP team will kickstart for our community with their wide network of subject matter experts and shared lived experience.”

In January and February of 2021, EC held five successful feedback forums with community members to discuss REDI in Canada’s equestrian sport landscape. These forums highlighted the need for EC to:

  • Address racial inequities and create a space for Black, Indigenous or People of Colour (BIPOC) -led committee and employee resource groups to bridge REDI gaps in the workplace.
  • Prepare coaches and officials to effectively handle situations that arise from ethical dilemmas or legal challenges concerning all areas of equestrian participation.
  • Empower EC staff, volunteers, officials, coaches, representatives and participants to recognize and prevent abuse, harassment and discrimination.
  • Create and recognize a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment to break down systemic discrimination and biases.
  • Increase BIPOC representation in workforce, community participation and leadership.
  • Develop capacity for coaches, officials and staff to create an inclusive sport environment.
  • Enhance EC program and service modules, finances, physical environment and communication channels.

“Our work will support addressing issues raised by EC’s community through a community-driven and race-based strategy for building an equitable culture of practice,” said TIP Chief Equity Officer, Ruth Mojeed Ramirez. “We are thrilled to partner with EC on this path to inclusion.”

In close collaboration with EC staff and stakeholders, TIP will set the foundation for culture shifts in policy, process and practice across EC and the Canadian equestrian community at large. Key outcomes include but are not limited to:

  • A long-term implementation plan that addresses systemic issues, focuses on culture shift and includes strategy for an Anti-Racism, Anti-Harassment framework and REDI culture plan.
  • Development of key performance indicators, inclusion metrics and scorecards for tracking and measurement for establishing baseline change and monitoring long-term goals.
  • Review of existing policies and an audit of recruitment, hiring and advancement processes.
  • Support of the employment process for engaging a REDI specialist within EC.
  • Establishment of committees, advisories and structures that ensure that voices of BIPOC are an integral part of program planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Assessment of branding, marketing, communications and public relations initiatives.
  • Data collection and analysis.
  • Support of customized trainings, workshops and a detailed engagement process for addressing competency and literacy needs among coaches, volunteers, leadership and staff.

About The Inclusion Project

The Inclusion Project (TIP) is a social innovation network and resource hub for organizations, communities and institutions engaged in knowledge development and practice to support and further racial equity, diversity and inclusion (REDI+), through gender-based analysis and other intersectional frameworks for organizational competency development.

TIP’s theory of change is predicated on the need for innovative change and culture shifts in policy, process and practice. Through full-service consultancy, TIP supports and strengthens intercultural competence in the workplace through performance measurements and capacity development.


Ruth Mojeed Ramirez
Chief Equity Officer
The Inclusion Project

Meg Krueger
CEO Chief Executive Officer
Secretary General
Equestrian Canada

For media inquiries, contact:

Caroline Soble
Manager, Communications
Equestrian Canada

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