Bit Fitting the Dressage Horse, Part 2
: Monday Sept. 21, 2020
Time: 6:00-7:30 pm EDT
Register for Zoom Webinar: Click Here

Part 1 of Bit Fitting the Dressage Horse can be viewed here.

Tammy Levasseur, a certified bit fitter and lorinery specialist, will share her wealth of knowledge during this informative webinar and cover the various facets of bit fitting specifically for the dressage horse, including fitting the double bridle, forces applied to the bit through the reins, and the action of the bit in the horse’s mouth and head upon contact. She will also discuss the role of modern technology to assess rider contact and the horse’s rhythm, overall consistency and balance.

This webinar will be recognized by Ontario Equestrian as Coach Professional Development under Category 2 – Equine Development (1 point).

Registration is required. Please note this webinar will be offered in English only. Questions in French are welcome. Questions (in English or French) should be submitted in advance to Due to time constraints, it may not be possible to answer all questions during the webinar; however, we will endeavour to respond to unanswered questions by email.

The session will be recorded and posted at a later date on EC’s social media channels.

For more information, please contact Celine Hutchison Majerus, Coordinator, Dressage, at

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