Please note: The business operations framework is intended to be used a guideline and its implementation is not mandated or required. Therefore, EC cannot enforce or address any issues of non-compliance. Returns to business operations must be aligned with directives from your local and provincial government authorities.

As states of emergency relating to COVID-19 begin to be lifted or phased out, equine farms and equestrian facilities can implement the appropriate protocols to prepare for the return to business operations. The goal of the framework is to provide guidelines that minimize the risk to participants and continue to limit the transmission of COVID-19 during the process of returning to pre-pandemic activity levels.

“COVID-19 has dealt our industry many hard blows and it is imperative that we follow strict safety guidelines to ensure the pandemic stays behind us,” said Yves Hamelin, EC CEO. “I extend my sincerest thanks to the PTSOs, EC staff and Canadian equine business owners who contributed to the development of these guidelines. Together and with the support of our community, we look forward to focusing on rebuilding the Canadian equine industry and equestrian sport in a safe and successful manner.”

The return to business operations framework can be found on the EC website, along with additional materials including biosecurity posters for facilities, templates and support resources to help adapt these guidelines to your individual needs. 

We at EC are fully aware and understanding of the immediate and long-term financial impacts of COVID-19 on businesses and individuals alike. We are diligently fighting for financial support for the equine and equestrian industries and professionals, as well as to have those businesses considered in the earliest stages of reopening at the provincial and federal levels.

The framework has been sent to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, The Honorable Marie-Claude Bibeau, to demonstrate how equine farms and equestrian facilities can safely return to normal business activities as soon as possible.

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For questions relating to the return to business operations framework, contact Kristy House, EC Manager of Welfare and Identification, at

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