An active volunteer within EC for over 16 years, Chagnon has generously contributed her time, energy and expertise to a variety of committees and initiatives. She first served as a member of the UNCART Committee in 2002, which was responsible for developing a new national competition system.

Chagnon also took on the vital position of Chair of the former Joint Steering Committee, which was created in 2011 and tasked with clarifying roles and responsibilities of EC and the Provincial and Territorial Sport Organizations (PTSOs), reviewing the governance model utilized at the time, and creating a financial business model to equitably and positively support the partnership between EC and the PTSOs.

Having devoted three years to the role of Vice President and five years as President of Cheval Québec in the 2000s, Chagnon also served three terms as a Province Division Representative on the EC Board. She returned to begin her current EC Board term in 2016.

During her time as a Director, the EC Board has benefited from Chagnon’s many years of dynamic equestrian and professional experience, including Administrator of Octopus Garden Stables and BCT Holdings, where she managed and coordinated all aspects of the companies’ activities, from the logistics of the stable’s competitive team and oversight of the breeding program to agricultural management and hay production. Chagnon also spent seven years as the Show Manager for the Québec Equestrian Games, which hosted upwards of 400 competitors. She also has a strong background in real estate, responsible for managing over $40 million in assets.

Chagnon’s most recent tenure on the EC Board has included serving as Chair of the Nominating Committee, responsible for a rigorous nomination system and Board election each year, in accordance with EC’s Bylaws. In working with the Board over the past three years, she has also helped the organization navigate through mandatory Bylaw changes brought about by the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, transition to a new brand, and kick-start initiatives in the areas of equestrian development and growth through the 2018-2020 EC/PTSO Memorandum of Agreement – just to name a few major initiatives.

EC sincerely thanks Chagnon for her countless contributions, not only to EC and the PTSOs, but to all equestrian participants and the community as a whole.

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