To make sure all your bases are covered, play our barn insurance bingo game below! Just cross off the items that are covered by your current insurance policy to ensure that you’re not missing any of the small stuff.

Barn Insurance Bingo Presented by Henry Equestrian

Keep in mind that automatic coverages are designed to be generic and cover just the basics. Anything above and beyond that warrants a conversation with your broker. It is better to ask all the questions now and be absolutely sure of what’s covered than to risk not being able to replace what you’ve lost in the event of a claim.

Don’t forget – Through EC’s partnership with Henry Equestrian, Sport Licence Holders and Provincial and Territorial Sport Organization (PTSO) members have convenient access to a wide range of equestrian, personal and commercial insurance products!

About Henry Equestrian

For over 35 years, Henry Equestrian, in partnership with Aviva Canada, has been designing, managing, and providing insurance expertise for the equestrian industry, and has grown to become one of the leading equestrian insurers in Canada. Henry Equestrian offers a variety of specialty insurance products designed by equestrians, for the equestrian marketplace, and is well known for their trusted Henry Equestrian Plans (“HEP”) in mortality, medical, and surgical insurance coverage for horses, as well as liability and property for equestrians, farms and facilities.

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