Coaches are central to the success and growth of our industry and sport. They inspire their participants to excel and lead while building tomorrow’s leaders. Equestrian Canada (EC) values the hard work and dedication they bring to the barn and to the ring every day.
EC’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Competition Development: High Performance 1 (HP1) Coach is an advanced certification for coaches working with competitive athletes in the Learn to Compete, Train to Compete stages of development who are aspiring to compete internationally.
The HP1 certification is delivered in small group cohorts in a mix of online, video and in-person training environments. Our latest coach graduates from the program are representative of the variety of disciplines and regions that make up Canadian equestrian sport. Join us in congratulating these ten outstanding coaches for their accomplishment and dedication to the future of high-performance sport.


Registration for the next cohort for the EC NCCP Competition Development: HP1 closes on Tuesday, Feb. 27th. Coaches interested are encouraged to register as soon as possible as spaces are limited in this intensive, individualized program.


Lindsay Beer: Lindsay is passionate about developing equestrian sport in Canada and sees a bright future for athletes with a strong foundation and exemplary horsemanship skills. Her coaching philosophy focuses on development of character, resilience and creating a harmonious partnership between horse and rider.

Melissa Boutin: Melissa’s purpose as a coach is to give riders the tools to reach their competitive goals and enjoy the progress and milestones along the way. She creates an environment that is welcoming, by valuing respect and teamwork. She encourages everyone to learn and compete in a safe manner with their horse, by teaching commitment to learning and taking the time needed every step of the way.

Alicia Harper: Alicia’s passion is working with horses and riders to create individualize plans to help athletes achieve their goals. Her systematic approach includes an honest review of the current level of both horse and rider, simple and clear exercises to develop specific skills needed, and continued learning both on and off the horse in a safe and supportive environment so riders can be successful at whatever their goals might be.

Katie Hourigan: As an equestrian coach, Katie’s philosophy centers on the wellbeing of the horse. She believes in developing the partnership between horse and rider as they work towards their competition goals. She aims to foster riders who not only excel in the sport but also deeply appreciate and understand their horses both physically and mentally; making them very in tune to their equine partners.

Kendal Lehari: Kendal puts a strong emphasis on the basics of training, horsemanship and preparation. She believes this builds a stronger partnership with the horse and rider to compete safely and competitively. Kendal creates a positive, inclusive and supportive environment where riders feel comfortable taking risks and pushing themselves to achieve their goals.

Jennifer Levie: Jennifer coaching philosophy is to coach the way she would like to be coached; with respect. She is committed to providing an enjoyable and educational environment without judgement.

Justin Ridgewell: Justin aims to support and encourage the natural talent of his athletes, both human and equine. His goal is to help them achieve success, in and out of the competition ring, with an honest, positive, and systematic training approach. It is his passion to guide and develop an athlete from the ground up.

Jenna Rogerson: Jenna’s coaching philosophy is centred around excellence, dedication, and collaboration. She believes in setting achievable goals for her athletes. She prioritizes the development of technical skills, mental resilience, and physical fitness, recognizing the importance of a well-rounded program for both horse and rider.

Jeanine Van Der Sluijs: Through a collaborative approach, Jeanine strives towards getting her athletes to reach their full potential and individual success. Her program requires a dedicated athlete ready for open communication and involvement in continuous planning and revisions of their approach. Jeanine helps develop a well-rounded athlete, who is physically, mentally, and emotionally capable both in and out of sport.

Chelsea Van Lierde: Chelsea believes that each horse and rider combination has its own personal path to success. She coaches her athletes to develop to the best of their abilities in a positive and respectful way. She is committed to achieve and exceed the athlete’s goals in an individualized and open-minded program for each horse and rider.